What’s technology? Who cares/Why should anyone care how “technology” is defined?

Technology can be characterized in a variety of different ways. Each person has a personal definition but is meant roughly to describe the same thing in order to establish standard communication with others. The definition of technology is something that appears somewhat irrelevant in the context of everyday use. However, this being stated the overall implications about how people think of and apply this word, can have vast effects. This can have a much larger impact than many may think. With a plethora of variations in definitions regarding technology some of the more subtle problems that may be caused are not always obvious. The argument could be made that in the context of the 21st century, many may be led to believe that the use of the word technology is rooted in a specific current implication in their lives. For example electricity; for many, the definition of a word is a derivative of its anecdotal use in their everyday lives. This in turn can lead to a difference in understanding despite the use of common communication. 

Expanding off of a difference in understanding of the definition, it also could be considered that at the root of a difference in definition, the use of a word can have a plethora of different uses geographically speaking. With a quick listen to uses of a word around the world it becomes apparent that so many times there are definitions of words or uses of the word that do not appear to be even roughly related to its origin. Comparing how one group uses a word versus another you can see how broadly different definitions can be. With this in mind, we can now begin to think of some rather high-stakes scenarios where the use of the word “technology” can be very critical. Between nations, one can imagine this can be rather problematic at times given the difference in definitions between languages. We often times have extensive thought processes regarding certain terms. Still, it is not always readily apparent that the use, definitions, and features can vary so widely given the context of our current environment and time period.

2 thoughts on “What’s technology? Who cares/Why should anyone care how “technology” is defined?”

  1. It was interesting reading about how we even think about definitions. From first glance at the word technology, it looks like a Greek word so the contentions about it would be. I would think of like electricity and computers nothing much added onto it. I can see how the word technology can be considered a nuisance to some, but on the other hand it has warped our world. Everyday we’re surrounded by technology and the life it brings whether we realize it or not.

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